About the Book Covers

Volume 1

Jesus the Word by Sybil A. Bissell

Volume 1 features Sybil's acrylic painting titled "Jesus The Word" or "Jesus The Pantokrator". The painting is of a 7th Century Eastern Orthodox Icon.

Volume 2

Jesus The Healer by Sybil A. Bissell

Volume 2 features a colored pencil sketch that Sybil did back in 2008. It is titled "Jesus The Healer" and is based on a stained glass window.

Volume 3


Volume 3 features Sybil's own Bible. This Bible is the most precious one she owns. When she was 6 years old her parents gave it to her as a birthday gift, with her name stamped in gold on the cover. The cover for Volume 3 is a photograph of Sybil's Bible.

Statue of Jesus ChristVolume 4

Volume 4 features a photograph Sybil took of a statue in Southern Maryland. It was so powerful and joyful that Sybil stopped the car, pulled in and took multiple pictures. Here is a thumbnail of the original photo, before it was altered for the book cover.