About the Book Covers

Volume 1

Jesus the Word by Sybil A. Bissell

Volume 1 features Sybil's acrylic painting titled "Jesus The Word" or "Jesus The Pantokrator". The painting is of a 7th Century Eastern Orthodox Icon. Copies of Sybil's painting are available in prints and cards and such. Click on the cover to go to the online shop where copies are sold.

Volume 2

Jesus The Healer by Sybil A. Bissell

Volume 2 features a colored pencil sketch that Sybil did back in 2008. It is titled "Jesus The Healer" and is based on a stained glass window. Prints are also available. Click on the cover to see more.

Volume 3


Volume 3 features Sybil's own Bible. This Bible is the most precious one she owns. When she was 6 years old her parents gave it to her as a birthday gift, with her name stamped in gold on the cover. The cover for Volume 3 is a photograph of Sybil's Bible.

Statue of Jesus ChristVolume 4

Volume 4 features a photograph Sybil took of a statue in Southern Maryland. It was so powerful and joyful that Sybil stopped the car, pulled in and took multiple pictures. Here is a thumbnail of the original photo, before it was altered for the book cover.