The Bible Speaks To The Sick and Those Who Pray For Them


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Volume 1

This is the first volume of the How To Pray For The Sick And See Them Recover Series. It is available for the Amazon Kindle (.mobi) and in paperback.


How To Pray For The Sick Volume 1 works directly with the biblical text to develop a solid foundation upon which to build a healing prayer ministry. It is followed by to How To Pray For The Sick Volume 2 where a methodology for developing a team ministry to heal the sick is practically developed. Every ministry, profession and job, needs both teaching and training. One of the ministries of Heart Communications is to bring the healing ministry into all Christian churches, regardless of denomination.

How To Pray For The Sick speaks to the person who seeks healing and the one who seeks to learn to pray for the sick. While there are many quick miracles of healing, this is not always the case. Many healings are blocked for a myriad of reasons. The Bible shows us most of these reasons. Rarely is a healing thwarted because of lack of faith of the sick person.

Healing comes to the sick, by God, in diverse and unique ways. There is not one way to heal the sick. God can repeat himself. God can do new things. Jesus told us we would do greater things than he did. This means there are more and different ways miracles will come through us as we do his works. There is not a correct method. The Lord has a unique plan of healing for each individual. Like Elisha we first try what we know. It might heal the sick. But if it doesn’t, we must know how to listen to the Lord for his special plan. Or, we must listen to the Lord and discern what is blocking the healing the Lord seeks to release.

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