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Volume 4

imageThis is the fourth volume of the How To Pray For The Sick And See Them Recover Series. It is available for the Amazon Kindle (.mobi) and in paperback.


Volume 4 contains all of the Prayers and Commands and Instructions, from Volume 2, which can be used as a reference guide during ministry sessions. As an eBook it can be loaded on one’s phone for instant reference.

Kindle $1.99 How To Pray For The Sick And See Them Recover Series Cover
Paperback $8.45


David Root, www.LayHands.com (2004): 5 out of 5 stars "I own a draft version of Sybil's manuscript, which contains both Volume I and Volume II. I have highly recommended it on my website for its practical teachings on all aspects of praying for the sick. Over the years I have read many Christian books and articles on divine healing and laying hands on the sick and praying for the sick, but Sybil's manuscript is one of my absolute favorites because it is packed with valuable and practical instruction, as well as many personal experiences that she has had over the years. May the Lord greatly bless you as you step out in faith, sharing the Gospel and praying for the sick!"

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