Quick Reference Guide

Volume 4 Table of Contents

Part 1 -- Basic Procedures

    Basic Steps in Healing Prayer
    Functions of the Leader
    Initial Interview
    Reasons Healings are Lost
    What Will and Won't Happen as we Pray How To Pray For The Sick And See Them Recover Series Cover
    Initial Requests
    Quick Miracle Prayer
    Getting the Game Plan
    Follow-up Instructions for the Sick Person
    Confessing the Sins of the Fathers

Part 2 -- Practical Matters

    Testing the Spirits
    Laying on of Hands
    Ministry Team Members Leading Sick

Part 3 -- Commands and Rebukes

    Basic Guidelines for Dealing with Demons
    If Demons Present During Ministry
    Suspending the Effects of Everyday Garden Variety Demons
    Suspending Effects of Rights and Grounds Demons
    Silently Shutting Down Someone else's Demons

Part 4 -- Blocks to Healing

    Between Holy Spirit and Person Praying
    Between Person Praying and Sick Person
    Within the Sick Person

Part 5 -- Spiritual Protection

    Anointing a Room/Church/House with Oil
    Daily Protection Prayers for a Room, Church, Home or Office
    Spiritual Protection for Yourself
    Spiritual Protection for Your family
    Protection from the effects of Curses
    When Immediate Intercession is Needed
    Cloak of Invisibility

Part 6 -- Miscellaneous

    Raising the Dead
    Healing Prayer for Yourself
    Healing Prayer Over the Phone or Internet