The Bible Speaks To The Sick and Those Who Pray For Them

Volume 1 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -- The Commission to Heal The Sick

    Jesus' Commission
    The First Commission: The 12 Disciples
    The Commission of the Seventy
    The Great Commission: All Baptized Believers

Chapter 2 -- The Power of God to HealHow To Pray For The Sick And See Them Recover Series Cover

    The Power of God Must Be Present for Healing to Occur
    The Power of God is Recognizable
    The Power of God is Energy
    The Power of God is Accompanied by Grace
    The Power of God Can Increase Over Time and Provides Proof That Jesus is the Christ
    The Power of God Comes with the Holy Spirit
    The Power of God Validates the Gospel Message
    The Power of God can be Denied
    Evidence of the Power of God is a Test

Chapter 3 -- Spiritual Gifts for Healing

    How Spiritual Gifts are Received?
    Gifts From God are Irrevocable
    Every Believer is Given at least One Gift
    Gifts are Distributed According to the Will of the Holy Spirit
    Some Shouldn't Have the Holy Spirit Imparted to Them?
    Why Are Spiritual Gifts Given?
    Gifts Can be Given but Neglected
    Spiritual Gifts for Healing the Sick

Chapter 4 -- Requirements of the Person Praying

    Doing the Will of the Father - THY Will, NOT Mine, Be Done
    Doing What you See the Father Doing Being a Righteous Person
    Testing the Spirits
    Fruit of the Spirit
    Fear and the Spirit of Timidity
    Humility and Acknowledgement of Personal Weakness

Chapter 5 -- Requirements and Rights of the One Requesting Prayer

    Be Willing To Give Up Your Illness
    Be Willing To Face Emotional Pain and Past Hurts
    Be Willing To Change Your Lifestyle
    Be Willing to Receive a Healing the Way God Offers It
    Be Willing To Face What You've Done to Yourself
    Willingness to Deal with All Possible Blocks to Healing
    How Desperate Are You?
    The Rights of The Person Receiving Prayer

Chapter 6 -- Lessons in Healing From the Old Testament

    The First Healing - A Philistine
    Keeping God's Comands Prevents Disease
    Healing After Confession of Backstabbing
    Healing Released in a Word not Knowing the Condition
    A Guilt Offering Required Before Healing is Released
    Resurrection of the Dead - Method 1
    God Heals His Way
    Touching Dead Prophet Brings Dead Man Back to Life
    God Prescribes Medicine Through His Servant
    The Leader Asks for a Pardon for Innocent Actions of His People
    God is in Control of Wounding, Healing, Giving and Taking Life
    Mocking God's Messengers

Chapter 7 -- Lessons in Healing From the New Testament

    Mass Healings
    If You Are Willing - The Leprous Man
    Resurrection of the Dead - Method 2
    Commanding The Illness
    Man with the Withered Hand
    Paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda
    Strang Ways - Spit, Mud, Shadows, Handkerchiefs and Aprons
    Servants of God Initiate Healings
    Jesus Initiates
    Paul and Peter Initiate

Chapter 8 -- Faith For Healing

    Faith of the Sick Person
    Faith of a Parent
    Faith of the Employer
    Faith of Others
    Faith of the Elders
    Lack of Faith a Bar to Healing Power
    Lack of Faith in the Person Praying
    Lack of Faith of the Sick Person
    Lack of Faith of the Mourners

Chapter 9 -- Sin and Sickness, Forgiveness and Healing

    Sins of the Fathers
    Personal Sin
    Putting One's Trust in Man instead of God
    A Father Can Curse His Child for Offending Him
    A Mother Takes Her Son's Curse upon Herself
    A Conditional Curse
    Making Idols, Dishonoring Parents, Theft, etc. Draw Curses
    Robbing God of Our Tithes Brings a Curse
    Not Loving the Lord Brings a Curse
    People Can Put Themselves Under a Curse
    Praising God and Cursing People
    Preaching a False Gospel Brings a Curse
    Unbelief in a Message Sent by God
    Taking Communion Without Examining Oneself
    Forgiveness Required for Healing
    The Consequences of Unforgiveness
    Repentance Before Forgiveness
    Confession Precedes Healing and Forgiveness
    Forgiving Sins, In Jesus' Name
    Forgiveness for Unknown Sins

Chapter 10 -- God Can Have a Purpose in Sickness

    So the Work fo God Might be Displayed
    Blindness Inflicted for a Purpose
    For Protection - Elisha
    For Protection - Lot and God's Angels
    For Evangelism
    For Conversion
    So That God's Son Would Be Glorified
    So That the Gospel Would Be Preached
    So Personality Flaws Won't Interfere with God's Purposes
    To Bring Us Back From Being Astray

Chapter 11 -- Other Causes of Sickness

    Stress and the Emotional Condition
    Internal Stress
    Inheriting Bodily Weakness
    Environmental Hazards
    Not Taking Care of Our Bodies
    Consideration for the Elderl

Chapter 12 --Encouragement For One Not Healed

    Weak and Tormented?
    Acknowledging the Real State of the Body
    Earnestly Seeking Pleases God
    Persistence and Endurance
    Comments on Job

Chapter 13 -- Controversial Issues in Healing The Sick

    Laying on of Hands
    Do Not Share In The Sins of Others
    Simon the Sorcerer
    Is There Precedence of Biblical Order?
    Non-Christian "Faith Healers" Must Touch
    Learning from Converts
    Having a Genuine Encounter with Almighty God
    The Importance of Hands in the Healing Ministry
    There Will Be Sickness
    Inappropriate Use of God's Word in Healing
    Gift of Tongues
    Praner Language
    Falling Down
    Walking in Faith
    Spiritual Warfare and Demonic Interference in Healing
    When Demons Are the Condition
    Demonology and Mental Illness
    Shutting Down Demons for Healing


    Appendix 1 -- Checklist for Blocks to Healing
    Appendix 2 -- Confessing the Sins of the Fathers
    Appendix 3 -- Functions of the Trinity
    Appendix 4 -- Ministries of Interest
    Appendix 5 -- Books by Sybil A. Bissell
    Appendix 6 -- Books of Interest