Practical Training in the Lost Art of Healing Prayer

Volume 2 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -- Foundations for a Christian Healing Ministry

    Loving The Father and The Son
    Loving People
    In The Name of Jesus
    Corporate Covering
    Essential Community Resources

Chapter 2 -- Prayers for Protection

    A Word on Spiritual Protection
    What/Who Needs Spiritual Protection?
    Skepticism About Spiritual Protection
    Protection For The Team
    The Basics of Spiritual Protection
    Protection for Individuals and their Families How To Pray For The Sick And See Them Recover Series Cover

Chapter 3 -- Cautions in the Healing Ministry

    Don't Criticize the Efforts of Other Christians
    Don't Declare a Healing
    Don't Command a Person to Walk in Faith that they are Healed
    Don't Tell Anyone Their Lack of Faith Prevented a Healing
    Don't Try to Explain Why a Healing Didn't Come
    Don't Talk Too Much

Chapter 4 -- Developing A Ministry Team in Any Church

    Implementation: When & Where?
    Boundaries for Ministry Team Members

Chapter 5 -- Ministering As A Team

    The Necessity of a Leader
    Functions of the Leader
    Team Members and Self-Examination
    Operating in Teams
    Debriefing and Consultation
    Giving Praise Where Praise is Due
    Protection Prayers for the Team
    Ministry to the Team

Chapter 6 -- Gifting and the Holy Spirit

    The Unique Person of the Holy Spirit
    Impartation and Manifestations of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 7 -- Initial Contact With The Sick

    Mental Preparation for Ministering to the Sick
    Initial Interview
    Initial Prayers
    Quick Miracle Prayer
    Getting The Game Plan

Chapter 8 -- Methods in Healing

    Hands, Tongues, Falling Down and Physical Stance
    Quick Miracle Prayer
    Word of Command/Word of Rebuke
    Terminating Curses
    Disconnection From Laying On of Hands
    Blessed Objects
    Unusual Directives

Chapter 9 -- Blocks in Healing

    Blocks Between the Person Praying and the Holy Spirit
    Blocks Between the Person Praying and the Sick Person
    Blocks Within the Sick Person

Chapter 10 -- Healing the Sick as a Personal Ministry

    Ministry to the Sick: The Beginning
    Don't Seek The Miracles, Seek the Lord Himself
    Intimacy with Father God
    Walking as Jesus Walked, in the Moment
    Raising the Dead
    Healing Prayer for Yourself
    Healing Prayer Over the Phone or Internet

Chapter 11 -- When Demons are a Block to Healing

    A Word on Christians and Demons
    When Demons Are The Condition
    When Demons Exacerbate the Condition
    Basic Guidelines for Dealing with Demons
    Demonic Look-A-Likes
    Shutting Down Someone Else's Demons - silently


    A Stern Word
    A Kindly Word


    Appendix 1 -- Checklist for Blocks to Healing
    Appendix 2 -- Confessing the Sins of the Fathers
    Appendix 3 -- Functions of the Trinity
    Appendix 4 -- Anointing Objects for Healing
    Appendix 5 -- Ministries of Interest
    Appendix 6 -- Books by Sybil A. Bissell
    Appendix 7 -- Books of Interest