Bible Study Guide for Healing Prayer Ministry

Volume 3 Table of Contents

    Lesson 1 -- The Commission to Heal The Sick
    Lesson 2 -- The Power of God in Healing
    Lesson 3 -- The Gifts of the Spirit inHealing
    Lesson 4 -- Requirements of the Person Praying
    Lesson 5 -- Requirements of the Person Requesting Prayer
    Lesson 6 -- Lessons on Healing in the Old Testament
    Lesson 7 -- Lessons on Healing in the New Testament
    Lesson 8 -- Faith For Healing
    Lesson 9 -- Sin and Sickness, Forgiveness and Healing
    Lesson 10 -- God Can Have a Purpose in Sickness
    Lesson 11 -- Other Causes of Physical Ailments
    Lesson 12 -- Demonic Obstacles to Healing
    Teaching Notes

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